Is dat Birds I hear be chirping? Week 5 recap - Feb 15, 2020

Well good morning boys and girls. It’s a cold cold day with the steam rising off the water...a great time to reflect on last Monday’s events here at the HFHL. I’m Billy Concarney and this is your week 5 update.

Fire vs Sabres

This was a great game. Close one intense without any shenanigans. Just the way we like it!
Sabres drew first blood when Chris Innes buried a rare goal on a feed from budding rookie Derek Jones. The Fire answered right back when team captain Sean Fitzgerald absolutely roofed a shot off a pass from Travis Burry and we is all tied up at 1. Sabres captain Kyle Bradbury came back though late in the period when his firs round pick Matt Strum slid a pass over to him and he made no mistake. First period ended Sabres up 2-1
The second period started off with Travis Burry showing he can do more than pass when he added a mark to the score sheet off a feed from returning wing man Wes Cook. But Matt Strum got the lead back on a nifty set up by the icon Myles Raymond. Fitz grabbed his second of the game again from Burry and people’s we got ourselves a game going on over here! Mike Gelinas turned on the jets and scored a goal for the Sabres all on his lonesome, but Geoff Briggs ripped a snapper past Burgoyne off a nice set up by Tony Cassella and after two periods we are all even at 4.
The third period was tight but the Sabres took a lead part way through when Kyle Bradbury scored a lacrosse style goal from behind the net when Myles Raymond flipped a pass over everyone’s heads that Kyle scooped out of the air, cradled it to and do, then flipped it over the shoulder of an unsuspecting Jason Boudreau! Could this be the greatest goal ever scored in the HFHL? Nope, because it didn’t happen that way. I’m just bored. Kyle scores a mundane goal on a mundane pass from Myles...ok?!
Travis Burry evened it up assisted by Tony Cassella and this stayed tied for most of the period. But an unlikely hero rose from the depths of oblivion when Mike DeAdder ran circles around his opponents, and it really was a circle and then fired the winner past Burgoyne who was like, ahhh what just happened? And the fat lady started singing and this was all over baby...6-5 for the Sabres. Great game and a great win.

Lynx vs Chill

Well Rickie Miller was a no show. Rumour has it that he is intimidated by the goaltending of Kane...but he obviously hasn’t seen the Lynx goalie play this season. So the Rickieless Chill take on the fully staffed Lynx. Chill score first, Liam MacLeod off a pass from Trevor Mcguigan. Lynx come back with Alex Murphy from Griff. Then Chill fire two past Kane. One from Wayne Hardy and Trevor Mcguigan, the other from Anil Snook and Liam MacLeod. Alex Murphy answered back unassisted for the Lynx. Wayne and Trevor seemed to have a good thing going and Wayne tagged Kane once more off a feed from Mcguigan and the Chill have a two goal bumper. It was pretty short lived though as Joe Murphy popped a top corner goal past Strum with Griff getting the helper. Then Jordan Castilloux snuck one by Strum assisted by Sam Haliburton and she was all even after the first at 4-4
The second opened with a quick goal by Joe Murphy from Griff giving the Lynx the lead, but it was short lived as The Chill capitalized on some very weak Lynx...get it...weak lynx...mistakes and this enabled Wayne Hardy to cap off a hat trick and even it all up. The Chill kept coming and were rewarded by two more goals, one from Anil Snook, his second of the game, and the other from a Rob Tyrrell, his first notch on this game sheet. Just like that the Chill had a two goal lead.
The third was a bit of a mess. The Lynx came out fire and scored two goals to even it up.  James Griff from Alex Murphy and then Alex scored a solo goal that was pretty to watch. Then Joe Murphy was called for body on Rob Tyrrell, who some felt just threw his name into the ring for some kind of an Oscar, and that sealed the fate of the Lynx as the Chill were able to take full advantage of the advantage and team captain Trevor Mcguigan scored on the ensuing power play. Liam MacLeod added to the list of guys who made Kane look like a bum, and the Chill walked away with a 9-7 win. This has shaken the Lynx up a bit and we will see what this team is made of coming back in a week or so.

Slayers vs Hackers

Ok, I’m not going to lie. These high scoring games are testing my ability to stay focused and relevant with my pen and paper, or should I say fingers and iPad. So let’s just get to the point. Paul Highmore was off with an upper body injury sustained by means we aren’t allowed to discuss because of this whole league privacy thing, but Marty Kane stepped in between the pipes to take his place. The Hackers were missing Jonathan Hunson, a major force when it comes to their offence. 
Well, there were a total of seven goals scored in the first period. Unfortunately for the Hackers, Kane made some pretty good saves first going off and the Slayers notched 6 of those 7 in the first. 
The Hackers, being down 6-1 to start the second, came out hard and heavy and were rewarded with all three goals scored in the second and that allowed them to pull within striking range heading into the third. 
The thirds saw Darcy Edwards drew the Hackers with in one picking up his second of the game, but Shane Erb pulled a rabbit out of his hat and the Slayers had their two goal lead back. Dave Cooper went to work as he has done over the years and single handedly tied the game with back to back goals. But the Slayers did not let the game slip away as they close it out with two goals, one from Sampson and the other from the Gale duo. 
Slayers take this one 9-7.

So just want to remind everyone that we are all adults here. We all have stuff going on and we need to try and be aware that sometimes good people say and do bad things when they aren’t themselves. We have a great bunch of guys playing here. I’m asking everybody to make sure they remember the sportsmanship that is expected here in the HFHL. Whether you are chirping your teammates, chirping your opponents or just ticked off at how the game is going, let’s try and be kind to one another. Life is hard. The HFHL is not life or death. Let’s keep it in perspective and treat each other with the respect we would want to be treated with. 

This is Billy Concarney saying so long And be well folks!


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