What’s taking so long!? Week 4 recap - Feb 07, 2020

Hey folks. Sometimes life throws some stuff at you and you don’t get things done as quickly as you would like...or as others might want. This was such a week. So sorry for the delay

Chill vs Slayers
Slayers and the Chill fought a hard battle.
But no one could keep a lead, so it ended up tied at 8.
Goalies played awesome. 

Lynx vs Sabres

Lynx won the first period, but the Sabres won the rest of the game. 6-4 Sabres win

Hackers vs Fire
Hackers dominated the 1st. Fire dominate the second,
Cooper scores late game winning goal.
Hackers win 7-6

Alex Gale scored a bunch of points. Craig Burgoyne made a bunch of saves. The calculator for Player of the Week said it’s easier to score lots of points than make lots of saves.
Craig Burgoyne is this weeks HFHL Player of the week.

Be well folks!


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