Short and sweet week 3 recap - Jan 28, 2020

Hey peeps.
This is Billy Concarney with a condensed version of this week’s happenings 

Hackers vs Lynx

Back and forth, then forth and back. Lynx played awful in their own end. Their goalie couldn’t stop a beach ball. Hackers looked like they would get their first win...Joe Murphy said uh uh uh, not on my watch. Scored late, like 10 seconds left late, to tie it up.
Lynx still undefeated. Hackers still looking for their first win.
8-8 draw

Chill vs Sabres

One word...Bob Strum. Ok two words, but still the same. Second week in a row Bob wins HFHL Player of the Week with a smoking performance. Rickie Miller continues to make it count when it matters. Sabres played a great game, but Bob played better. Rob Tyrrell went forward and made a difference.
Chill stay undefeated and have opened with a 3 and 0 record. These guys are for real. Chill take this one 7-5

Slayers vs Fire

Fire are struggling. Big time struggling. Like Fitz is sending emails and making calls. No one is safe. 
They held the lead for like 30 seconds and then the flood gates opened. Slayers scored uncontested. Kane filled in for Boudreau and he stunk. I think the reason why the Slayers won this game wa because they had a short bench...right Paul? Lol
Slayers dominated for the first time this season and won this game 8-4.

That’s all I got. On the road and no time to thrill you all with an proper update. Maybe next week?
This is Billy Concarney saying so long and be well folks!!

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