Important league announcement - Mar 11, 2020

Good afternoon.
So we all know that there is concern over the Covid-19 virus. It is inevitable that it will be diagnosed in our region and as such we want to have a plan of action going forward for the 2020A Season.
I have spoken with the coordinator at the PRCC regarding their strategy going forward. She has informed me that they are proceeding based on  NS Public Health which has asked that if you have travelled internationally that you do not enter the facility for a period of 14 days starting on your day of return to the province.
Because this is an ever changing landscape regarding the virus and community needs, we have a contingency plan should the facility close for an unspecified period that might affect the current schedule.
As it stands now, if the PRCC feels the need to close, our league will take a break for the same period and will resume as if uninterrupted at that time.
Please keep checking in from time to time to see if anything changes. We will also communicate via your team captain with updates as they occur.
In the meantime e safe, be smart and be considerate of the fact that your situation might adversely affect others.
This is not Billy Concarney, but I’m still saying be well folks!


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